End Can Production

To mark the launch of our super-lightweight titanium end cans, we've produced a series of images showing some of the key stages of production.

Locating the end can

1. Locating the end can

Using a stainless steel replica, our fabrication and design teams will identify the best position for our end can on the bike itself. Bracket positions and bend angles for the link pipe are identified and marked before producing CAD drawings and a jig on which to build the end can in titanium.

Inserting the wadding

5. Inserting the wadding

Perforated tube is cut to match the length of the end can before being wrapped with steel wool and placed inside the body  to reduce the noise levels.

Rolling the body.

2. Rolling the body

All of our end cans start life as a flat sheet of titanium. Sheet is cut to the required length before being formed by hand within our specialist Tube Forming department.

Producing the link pipe.

6. Producing the link pipe

Using bends which have also been made in-house, the fabricator will produce a link pipe from the end can to the headers. The angle of the bend is marked and cut, before the end is crushed and slots inserted before being checked with a bung in the assembly jig to ensure a seamless fit. The link pipe is then welded to the end can.

Producing the inserts.

3. Producing the inserts

The inserts are created by cutting blanks and folding the edges. These are then rolled and seam welded before being crushed using an Avo machine.

Attaching the bracket.

7. Attaching the bracket

Brackets for our end cans are laser cut from titanium and using positions marked in the jig which mirrors the location on the bike, they are welded into position on the end can.

Welding the cone to the body.

4. Welding the cone to the body

The next step is to weld the cone to the body. Cones are Tig welded by our highly experienced fabricators to the same precision welding standards we eploy within our F1 work.

Etching the logo.

8. Etching the logo

Once the assembly is complete, each end can is individually etched with the GF Moto logo, the date of manufacture and the production number to give each end can a touch of individuality.