Located in Motorsport Valley in the UK, the GF Moto workshop is home to some of the most skilled designers and fabricators of thin-walled, exotic material, performance exhaust systems in the world. It is here that the GF Moto range of premium motorbike systems are hand-made and below, we take you through that process.

Premium-grade materials

All the motorcycle exhaust systems produced by GF Moto start with a piece of flat metal sheet.


The exotic materials used to create these systems, such as inconel and titanium, are generally unavailable in small quantities of tube, so to give ourselves as much control over the production process as possible, we will form and bend sheet metal within our workshop.


GF Moto will not accept just any material; all our metal sheet is carefully sourced from mills throughout the world who specialise in the provision of the finest grade exotic material.


Our relationship with these mills has been forged through our 35 years in the motorsport industry and is supported by fully-recognised certification issued with each shipment.


Forming the tube

Working the high-grade metal sheet into tube sections is undertaken within the highly-experienced GF Moto tube forming department.


Using press brakes, hydraulic presses and other forming equipment, our skilled tube forming professionals create designated lengths of tube which will form the basis of our premium motorbike exhaust systems.


Tube is formed by the radius punch on the ram, incrementally advancing the flat sheets until a perfect cylinder is created. 


GF Moto has amassed an extensive range of tooling enabling us to produce systems from those consisting of relatively simple folds and cones, through to much more complex geometries if required.


This gives us the flexibility to create after-market exhaust systems for a range of motorbikes which can closely follow the contours of the bike and significantly enhance its appearance.

Seam welding the tube

Once the tube has been formed, it will be seam welded using our fully automatic seam welding equipment. Rather than welding the entire joint in one go, a high-quality seam is created by progressively forming the weld.


The seam welding equipment we use is intelligent enough to apply exactly the correct pressure and electrical current required for the inconel and titanium materials we use.


This ensures the creation of perfect, durable welds on every section of tube we produce. 

Tube bending

GoodFabs, the parent company of GF Moto, has a worldwide reputation for mandrel bending exotic materials.


More than 30 years’ experience in the top echelons of the motorsport world has required significant investment in mandrel bend tooling equipment.


As a result, we now have access to one of the largest collections of custom-made mandrel bend tooling in the world.

All the bends required for GF Moto motorbike exhaust systems are created using a linked ball insert (a mandrel) while they are being bent.


This provides the tube with extra support, reducing the risk of wrinkling and avoiding breakages throughout the bending process to produce the highest quality bends possible. 

GF Moto tube benders will select the correct mandrel for each set of bends, based on the pipe diameter required, as well as the type of material they are bending.


An important part of this process is maintaining the nominal diameter of the pipe to ensure the velocity and efficiency of the exhaust gases passing through it.


We achieve this by allowing the outside of the bend to stretch while the inside compresses.


The skill set of our workforce combined with the vast extent of our tooling and the tube bending processes we employ, enable us to produce the most lightweight yet durable systems possible.


As such, we can produce premium exhaust systems which are in some cases 4kg lighter than the stock motorbike exhaust system.

Fabrication and welding

GF Moto welders and fabricators are renowned for their skill in TIG welding thin-wall nickel alloys such as inconel.


This is a key USP over our rivals and we are constantly seeking to employ the most skilled staff while extending the skills of those we already employ.

Once the tube benders have produced a set of perfectly-formed bends, they will be passed to our fabricators who will also have access to a CAD drawing, a fabrication jig and a set of components which we have machined in-house on our state-of-the-art CNC mills. 

Using the same skills and techniques which have been utilised to such success within Formula 1, GF Moto fabricators will assemble the various system components and weld them in the fabrication jig. 


Extremely high degrees of precision and care are required when welding such thin materials which is what sets apart a GF Moto premier exhaust system from others on the market.


We can confidently state that our fabricators are among the elite in their field and this is what will show when you take delivery of your system.

Quality and inspection

Once complete, each and every motorbike exhaust system we produce will be passed to our Quality & Inspection department.


Here, each weld on the system will be subject to inspection by our quality inspectors.

Careful inspection of your system, both in and out of the fabrication jig, is a vital step in ensuring you only receive a product which meets the highest production standards.


In the unlikely event of even the smallest defect, the system will be returned to the fabricator who will rectify the issue before it goes back through the inspection process.


Only when the system has passed our stringent inspection criteria will it be signed off, etched with the GF Moto logo and passed to our logistics team who will pack and ship the system to you.