Royal Jordanian Tests GF Moto BMW System

Renowned 'vlogger' Royal Jordanian recently returned to the GF Moto workshop to review our Inconel full system for the BMW S1000RR.

During the visit, 'RJ' took the opportunity to see for himself the design and fabrication process for the system which is produced using the same techniques incorporated in F1 fabrication. Of particular interest was the way in which GF Moto had reverse-engineered the BMW system and produced a custom-made tool press to help produce components which would greatly improve the flow of gas through the exhaust as well as the overall aesthetics.

When taking to the road, RJ put the system through its paces, raving about the performance and the sound of the prototype end can. "It's been a while since I rode the super sport and with that sound, it's incredible. It has a beautiful tone, really nice and I love its shape. Simple effective and nice.

"It's not overly done, there's no big stickers saying I am this or that, it's nice laser etching and the sound to me is incredible." So impressed is RJ that he's already requested a GF Moto End Can for his Husqvarna Nuda.

To find our more, visit our Products pages. You can see the complete Royal Jordanian video below.

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