Royal Jordanian & GF Moto Rev Battle

On a recent visit to the GF Moto workshop in Buckinghamshire, YouTube 'vlogger' Royal Jordanian pitched his BMW S1000R against the GF Moto S1000RR which featured our lightweight Inconel after-market headers and end can.

In the ensuing 'Rev Battle', the GF Moto system more than held its own with a really distinctive roar which impressed RJ so much, he's already requested a GF Moto end can for his Husqvarna Nuda.

GF Moto End Can

Discussing the GF Moto end can, Managing Director Neil Morgan said; "We wanted to offer a lightweight alternative to the end cans already on the market, one that would be more sleek in design and which produced a fantastic sound.

"We believe what we've developed meets those aims and if you listen to RJ's comments and read those of the people who have viewed his videos of the end can, you can see lots of people agree."

You can watch a video of the Rev Battle below and judge for yourself which sounds better.

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