Honda Africa Twin Breaks Endurance Record

A team of five riders has broken the record for the highest altitude reached by a twin-cylinder motorcycle (5,965 metres above sea level) by riding the slopes of the world's highest active volcano, Nevado Ojos del Salad.

Situated in the Atacama Region, the desert route taken by the Honda Africa Twin team has become a famous part of the Dakar Rally.

The team, which included Fabio Mossini, enduro champion from Honda's Sud America race team, completed the challenge riding across mud, sand, gravel and ice in less than 24 hours. Facing temperatures as low as minus 5 Celcius, Mosssini was the man in the saddle as the record was broken.

While the Honda Africa Twin bikes used in the record-breaking challenge did include some amendments (different sprockets, a shorter final transmission and protective bars, for example), the bikes were largely standard. Despite the thinner air at higher altitudes, it seems the stock injection system coped well with no reported changes in fuelling by Honda as part of the challenge. In fact, it was only a 2 metre wall of snow which stopped the Africa Twin from reaching an even greater height.

The ascent is the latest in a series of promotional activities since the launch of the new Africa Twin in 2016.

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