Kawasaki Z900 Exhaust Customer Review

One of our satisfied customers was so pleased with his GF Moto Kawasaki Z900 exhaust, he has produced the following testimonial regarding his experiences.

My experience of getting a GF Moto exhaust

Apart from being a very happy customer, I have no other affiliation with the Company so this is just an honest review of the product and a unique experience that may help other fellow motorcyclists.

I came to find out about GF Moto exhausts through a Royal Jordanian Youtube channel. I really like the simple looks and the sound of the exhaust system they have made for the BMW S1000RR. Here is the link to the video for you to enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zdROVLLYE8

Apart from the looks and sound of the exhaust, the thing that attracted me was the fact that the company is based in the UK and does all the manufacturing in house. They are quite enthusiastic about developing some of the best exhaust systems available for motorcycles; a lot of their employees are riders. Their commitment is evident from the fact that they bought two new bikes (BMW S1000RR and Honda Africa Twin) just to develop and display their their exhausts systems.

Now a lot of you guys might say "Well that's all good for them, but why should I buy from a company that is relatively unknown for motorcycle exhausts when for a similar price I can get an Akrapovic, Arrow, etc?" Well, I considered all these points as well and not only did I end up with a GF Moto exhaust but unless things change, I would happily use their exhausts in the future on other bikes as well so here is why.

Most people change the exhaust on their bike for the sound, looks and possibly to gain a bit of performance. For my bike (Kawasaki Z900), the Akrapovic exhaust is available as a factory option, and you can pay for it over three years. It's the easiest option and and I am sure a lot of people will go in that direction so there goes your hope of having a bike that looks and sounds a bit different from the rest of the crowd.

Quality-wise, the GF Moto exhaust is at least as good if not better than Akrapovic. You kind of expect a company developing exhaust systems for F1 racing teams since the 1980's to know a thing or two about design, manufacturing and quality control.

All their experience has resulted in an exhaust end can for the Z900 which is about 0.5kg lighter than the similar Akrapovic offering, and about 3.55kg lighter than the stock exhaust. I also had the chance to dyno the bike the the GF Moto exhaust. The gain in Bhp and torque are both twice what is quoted by Akrapovic for their end can. The improvement in handling and acceleration has totally transformed the bike, significantly enhancing the riding experience.

I hope this information helps anyone looking to make a decision about buying an aftermarket exhaust for their bike. Good luck!!!


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